Five Years Ago

I wrote a blog.

Five years ago.

Twenty years ago, too. And every so often in between. I would write.

But five years ago, I stopped. For five years. After a solid three years of writing.

I thought it was all lost and gone forever, but the thing is, I had a backup.

I had a backup.

It took a good five years, and a lot of wanting to, that I finally did it.

I finally figured out how to take a half-decade old XML file and turn it into something again.

Talk about playing the long game.

This is no longer on Alex Chung’s (<—ME) website. This is more of a project on its own. About being a husband and father.

Five years. I’ve been worried about technology not being able to bring such an old backup file back. I’ve been worrying about formatting and lost header images. I’m really bugged by that spinning circle icon at the top of all my old posts. But really, I’m just thankful the words are still there. They’re back. And I’ve got nothing more to say right now. Except thank God.

Thank God.

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