Life By A Thousand Cuts

Why is it, when you swing with all your might, with everything you’ve got, with 100% strength, you end up hitting a little dribbler or missing the ball entirely?

It’s because, in my experience, when you’re swinging from your heels, you’re not using good technique. You’re trading skill for sizzle, humility for the highlight reel.

I get the temptation.

The truth is, though, you just have to take your cuts. Go for the aggregate. Swing over and over. A thousand times. And to do that, you can’t save it all for one mighty swing. For just the right moment. For just the right time. You have to space them out. Group them out. And focus on the long season. On the long game. You have to step up to the plate. Time and time again.

Recently, I’ve read several books which have lead me to comprise a hybrid theory I’m calling “The 1,000 Swings” project.

It’s in an effort to build my failure immunity. And to, all things being equal, test the inherent advantage in out-hustling others. The advantage of big numbers.

I’m going to step up 1,000 times.

Life is like baseball. Humbling. Realistic. Played in seasons. Except you don’t have to bat 1.000. You don’t even have to bat .200. You just have to get a lot of hits. And how do you do that if you’re a terrible hitter? You just have to keep stepping up to the plate. You just have to keep swinging.

A bad hitter who gets hits only 20% of the time gets the same results as a perfect hitter, if the bad hitter gets up five more times. If they try five more times. If they hustle five times harder.

This is a profound truth. All things being equal, you can get more hits than Ichiro, although it might take you A LOT more swings than a thousand. The good news is we’re not limited to four or five times up to bat per day. We get to step up as many times as we want to. You’re only limited by your willingness to play the game.

Expect to fail. You will strikeout. Build it into the experiment. Would you trade 800 strikeouts for 200 hits?

Instead of waiting to craft that perfect email, that perfect phone call, that perfect product or service. How about you just go and hack?

Trust me, you’ll be so busy figuring out who to reach out to next, and who to reply to, than ever worry about who hasn’t written back. You’ll get more done in the next 24 hours than you have in the past 24 days. I promise.

If I told you that success, whatever it is to you, was on the other side of 1,000 outs, would you try 1,001 times? Would you keep hacking? Yes? Well it’s well short of a thousand. It might be the 1st time you step up, you hit a home run. It could be the 888th. But once you feel that special physical resonance of bat connecting with ball, with the satisfaction of playing the long game, you’ll keep stepping up to the plate.

And you’ll realize that you’re only out when you stop playing.

Life by a thousand cuts.

Play ball!

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