It’s that time of year again. Time to toast the end of a year and the beginning of a new day.

Our family’s word for the coming year is simple:


Quick Fixes and Long Heals

Too often our family races to its next meal. We are busy doing other things and suddenly realize we are hungry. Too many times, we go for the quick fix. The nearest drive-thru, the easiest takeout, the fastest delivery.

But not this coming year.

Instead of asking “What’s the quickest, easiest, nearest meal?” we are going to ask a better question:

What will nourish us?

Feed Thyself

It’s a profound distinction. Simple, yes, but already life-changing. Every time we are hungry, we ask the nourishing question and suddenly a burger and fries sound less appetizing. Suddenly, the crooked frame is righted.

I’ve said before that it’s the questions you ask that make all the difference in your life. Particularly so in the questions you ask of yourself.

What will nourish you in the coming year? What will provide you with the nutrients you need to fuel your body, mind, and spirit?

I hope you nourish yourselves in 2017 and beyond. And that hope goes way further than the things you eat and drink.

Happy New Year.


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