Personal Magnetism

I believe in personal magnetism. In that “know it when you see it” quality of a person to magnetically charge another individual, group, or even an entire world. To light them up with electricity. To give them goosebumps. To make them shine.

I believe in that.

Because I’ve seen it.

We all have. Even if we don’t really believe in magic anymore.

Toys Are Us

Did you play with magnets as a kid? Me too.

How amazing it was to move things together, snapping them like they were legos without the bumps and grooves. Even more cool was the way they would repel objects. A force field you could use to push things away. They could never touch the magnet because of it’s field of energy.

We took it for granted. This invisible energy. Because we couldn’t touch it. We couldn’t see it.

We could only see what it could do.

It could attract.

It could repel.

Depending on the type of magnet it was.

How strong.

How big.

How rare.

The Power of Success

What is success?

I’ve got some ideas.

But really, what separates us all from mediocrity and that elusive greatness we seek is really a matter of childhood toys.

In believing we are absolutely able to manipulate the world around us, even if we can’t see how or why. We can only see what it can do.

What gives you goosebumps?

What electrifies you?

What makes you shine?

And most importantly:

Who electrifies you?

Who gives you goosebumps?

And who makes you shine?


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